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Senior Crisis Management and Solutions McKinney Texas

Looking for Help with a Senior?  Dealing with Crisis Management and Solutions, The Way To Aging is helping Families in McKinney, Texas.  We specializes in providing support and assistance to families dealing with crisis situations involving older adults with Dementia. Managing such situations can be incredibly challenging and stressful for the entire family, and our organization recognizes the importance of prioritizing the safety of individuals with Dementia during these critical times. Our team at The Way To Aging is dedicated to offering guidance and solutions to help families navigate through the complexities of crisis situations.

If you find yourself facing a crisis involving a loved one with Dementia, the organization encourages you to reach out for assistance. By calling 949-278-6181, you can connect with professionals who can help you explore and understand the available options to ensure the safety and well-being of your loved one.

We often work with people with Dementia during Crisis situations, which is a very difficult and stressful time for the entire family. The safety of older adults with Dementia is a priority during Crisis. If you are facing a crisis please call us and we can help you navigate the options to keep your loved one safe.  Call Us Today 949-278-6181


man helping senior woman use walker

Behavioral Crisis With Older Adults in TX

Aggression and agitation are the most common behaviors present at crisis. Delusions, wandering, and hallucinations are also key behaviors contributing to crisis. Behavioral crisis can happen suddenly in people with dementia. Seniors residing in their own homes are at higher risk for harm during crisis. Many times they end up in a psychiatric inpatient setting, specialist-care unit, long-term care setting, or referred to psychiatric community services.

Interventions and Management

It is important to know interventions to reduce and manage the agitation and aggression during a crisis. Some non-pharmacologic interventions for agitation and aggression in individuals with dementia include; having them listed to their favorite music, aromatherapy with a calming oil (lavender), exposure to sunlight, going for a walk, reminiscing about the past through engaging them in conversation and/or showing them pictures of loved ones, redirecting them to something they enjoy doing/hobbies. Having structure and a routine for someone with Dementia is very beneficial.  Call Us Today 949-278-6181


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