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Senior Living Board Care Geriatric Care Management in Weatherford TX The Way To Aging

Geriatric Care Management in Weatherford TX, CA  Call Now 949-278-6181

At The Way to Aging serving Weatherford, TX, our dedicated geriatric care manager Yolanda Lawler is committed to assisting seniors in maintaining their daily lives. Within the realm of geriatric care management, our highly trained manager strives to empower seniors to remain as independent as possible. This involves a thoughtful exploration of optimal residential alternatives, such as assisted living facilities, supportive housing, or receiving assistance while continuing to live at home.

Becoming a geriatric care manager requires specialized training in areas such as social work, gerontology, counseling, or nursing. The advantages of geriatric care management extend to both seniors and their families. Our skilled care manager offers support through ongoing monitoring, potentially averting unnecessary hospitalizations or costly crises. Particularly valuable in situations where family members are geographically distant or when family dynamics necessitate a neutral facilitator, a geriatric care manager becomes an invaluable resource.

Seniors may sometimes harbor concerns about the potential loss of independence, hesitating to share certain fears or worries with loved ones. Our geriatric care manager serves as a compassionate ally, creating a safe space for seniors to express their concerns and facilitating a supportive environment for both seniors and their families.

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Family Yolanda Lawler, MASM RCFE Gerontologist Orange County California & Texas

Communication & Support for Seniors in Weatherford TX

If necessary, a geriatric care manager may act as a liaison with a senior’s family to uphold good communication. Doing so with support systems, like a senior’s family, helps build or maintain important links between the senior and their family. If permission is given, a geriatric care manager can alert families to problem areas. With a geriatric care manager’s help, we can reduce the overuse of certain services and inappropriate institutional care, as well as our clients’ time, stress, miscommunication, and cost. Seniors can benefit from our geriatric care management from The Way to Aging in many ways, including the following:

  • Crisis intervention provides help to stabilize situations and help with short- and long-term solutions.
  • They make home visits and recommend needed services and care planning assessments, during which they identify needs, strengths, and what assistance is needed. And assessments also help decisions about whether a senior is eligible for assistance.
  • Discuss difficult topics with seniors and their families, as well as complex issues like dementia, financial planning, legal planning, medical issues, placement or relocation, independence, driving, incontinence, and family dynamics.
  • Evaluate and coordinate a senior’s in-home care needs, assist with referrals to professionals geriatric specialists, and select care personnel.
  • Assist with relocation to a memory care facility, assisted living, and board and care.
  • Provide education to seniors and their caregivers and families about self-care tips, community resources, medical options, and what services are available to them, including public and private services.
  • Provide referrals to professionals, organizations, and support groups as needed.  Call Now 949-278-6181

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A geriatric care manager from The Way to Aging is ready to help seniors and their families in Irvine. Contact us today to discuss how we can help individuals stay as independent as possible.

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