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Find a Home Care Agency in Newport Beach, CA  Call Now 949-278-6181

When a senior wishes to stay in their own home but still needs professional care and support, families can turn to home care agencies for qualified specialists. Older adults can turn to The Way to Aging for guidance in the process of finding a reputable agency in Newport Beach, CA that fulfills all their needs. Before you contact a home care agency, call us to get expert service to find a suitable provider. Our specialist is a gerontologist with previous experience serving as executive director for a home care agency. Our insight into the industry allows us to help you navigate the process. We can guide our clients to reputable agencies and advocate for them when searching for a match. We partner with home care agencies and provide discounted rates to our clients. Let us do the work for you by utilizing our expertise, and you may receive savings on the home care services you require. Older adults typically would rather age in place at home, which may depend on the level of care they need. With home care services, this option may be an excellent choice for many seniors. Our number one priority is an older adult’s safety when we consider keeping them at home. Some considerations we take into account for home care options include finances, the caregiver’s personality and skillset, compatibility between the caregiver and the senior, and the company’s reputation.

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Create a Care Plan

The Way to Aging performs a comprehensive assessment during a virtual or in-home evaluation. This assessment includes; a geriatric depression evaluation, fall risk assessment, self-medication assessment, mini mental state examination (MMSE), activities of daily living (ADLs), and pain and skin assessments as needed. If we determine it’s safe for a senior to stay at home, we create a personalized care plan and work with the family to implement it. Having an independent assessment before hiring a home care agency is an important service for many reasons. It allows families to obtain an unbiased assessment, as well as a baseline. We can also compare the independent assessment with the home care agency’s assessment to ensure they provide the appropriate services. A senior might also need additional services so that they can stay at home, including medication management, physical therapy, and counseling. We’ll discuss these additional resources after the assessment and incorporate them into the care plan.

Seniors Can Stay at Home Safely

With help from our specialists at The Way to Aging, older adults may be able to enjoy aging in their own homes with assistance from a home care agency. Contact us today to discuss this option for yourself or a loved one.  Call Now 949-278-6181

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