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Orange County Senior Placement, CA’s Geriatric Care Manager  Call Now 949-278-6181

In Orange County, CA, The Way to Aging’s geriatric care manager in North & South Orange County is dedicated to assisting seniors and their families in making informed decisions for a safe and supported aging experience at home. Through geriatric care management, we collaborate with older adults and their families to identify the most suitable care options tailored to their unique needs and preferences.

A well-trained geriatric care manager plays a pivotal role in helping individuals maintain independence by thoroughly assessing living alternatives. This may include exploring options such as supportive housing, assisted living facilities, or receiving care while remaining at home. To qualify as a geriatric care manager, an individual must undergo specialized training in Gerontology, Counseling, Nursing, and Social Work.

The geriatric care manager at The Way to Aging is a seasoned professional with extensive expertise in the field. Drawing upon their wealth of experience, they work diligently to provide personalized guidance, ensuring that seniors receive the care and support necessary to enhance their quality of life while respecting their desire for independence. Whether it involves coordinating support services, exploring suitable living arrangements, or addressing specific healthcare needs, our geriatric care manager is committed to facilitating a comprehensive and compassionate approach to elderly care From Fullerton to Laguna Woods To Dana Point and the broader Orange County area.

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Family Yolanda Lawler, MASM RCFE Gerontologist Orange County California & Texas

Management Services We Provide to Seniors

The Way to Aging is available to help you with various crucial services to help seniors live safely and comfortably. Our geriatric care managers can help with any of the following:

  • Crisis intervention to stabilize a crisis situation and help find short- and long-term solutions.
  • Arrange home visits and recommend the services a senior needs, as well as care planning assessment to identify their strengths, needs, and any needed assistance. An assessment will also help determine a senior’s eligibility for assistance.
  • Discuss difficult topics for the senior and family and complex issues, such as legal and financial planning, medical issues, dementia, incontinence, driving, independence, placement or relocation, and family dynamics.
  • Evaluate and coordinate a senior’s in-home care needs, assist with referrals to geriatric specialists and other professionals as needed, and select care personnel.
  • Assist with relocating a senior to memory care, assisted living, or other board and care settings that offer direct care.
  • Educate seniors, their families, and caregivers about self-care tips, services available, public and private services, medical options, and community resources.
  • Provide referrals to organizations, professionals, and support groups as needed.

Benefits of Turning to Geriatric Care Management and Help Find Senior Placement

Reaching out to a geriatric care manager for service offers many benefits to older adults and their families. Assistance with ongoing monitoring can help avoid unnecessary hospitalization and costly crises. Our Geriatric Care manager can be very helpful to families who live far apart or have family dynamics that call for a facilitator.

Seniors are sometimes worried about losing their independence but aren’t comfortable sharing these fears and concerns with their families. A geriatric care manager can fill the role as a liaison to help families and other support systems maintain good communication. This can aid in building or maintaining essential links between seniors and their loved ones, and with permission, a manager can alert families of any problem areas with which they may assist. With a geriatric care manager, you can reduce the overuse of services and inappropriate institutional care, and drop the amount of time, miscommunications, cost, and stress to clients.  Call Now 949-278-6181

Orange County Senior Placement Reach Out to Us for Help Today

The services we provide are vital to ensuring seniors stay safe and receive the care and support they need, and families get peace of mind knowing their loved ones are taken care of. If you need any of the mentioned services, contact us today to learn more about the geriatric care management services from The Way to Aging.

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