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Looking for a Place for Mom or Dad in Rowlett TX?

Get Help With Seniors Care Rowlett TX

Making the decision to place a loved one in a Memory Care Community is one of the most difficult decisions someone has to make. Many people wait until there is a crisis and they find themselves having to make a rushed decision when placing their loved one in a community. Please allow us to help you through these challenging times and find placement for your loved one FREE of charge to you. Not all Dementias are the same and you need a Memory Care community that specializes in your loved one’s type of Dementia.

Types Of Dementia


Some communities are not able to care for Dementia clients with aggression and agitation behaviors. It is important to know what questions to ask when placing your loved one in a Memory Care setting.

Please call us before calling a Memory Care Community. As a Gerontologist and previous Executive Director for Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities, we know how to navigate the industry, we are able to guide clients to reputable Communities FREE of charge and advocate for our clients when matching them to a Memory Care Community that meets their needs. Our priority is our client’s well-being, comfort, and happiness.


Free Consultation

Families Helped with Geriatric Care Management Los Angeles

Geriatric Care Management in Rowlett Texas

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A well-trained care manager can help individuals remain as independent as possible by assessing the alternatives, whether it’s living at home with assistance or in other situations, such as supportive housing or assisted living facilities. Geriatric Care Managers have special training in Gerontology, Social Work, Nursing, or Counseling.

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Benefits of Geriatric Care Management in Rowlett TX

Assistance from a Geriatric Care Manager with ongoing monitoring can prevent costly crises and unnecessary hospitalization. Geriatric Care Managers can be especially helpful when family members live far apart or when there are family dynamics and a facilitator is needed. Sometimes seniors are fearful of losing their independence and they don’t feel comfortable sharing their fears and concerns with their loved one. A Geriatric Care Manager will act as a liaison with families to help maintain good communication with families and other support systems to build or maintain important links between seniors and their families and, with permission, to alert families to problems areas that they may be able to assist with.

Geriatric Care Managers can reduce inappropriate institutional care and overuse of services as well as reduce miscommunications, time, stress, and cost to clients.

A Geriatric Care Manager Can Help with:

  • Crisis intervention; Providing help in a crisis to stabilize the situation and assist with short and long-term solutions.
  • Make home visits and suggest needed services, care planning assessments-to identify strengths, needs, and assistance needed. Assessments also help determine eligibility for assistance.
  • Discuss difficult topics and complex issues such as financial and legal planning, placement/relocation, dementia, medical issues, incontinence, driving, independence, and family dynamics.  Call Now 949-278-6181
  • Evaluate and coordinate in-home care needs, select care personnel, assisting with referrals to other professionals such as geriatric specialists as needed.
  • Assisting with relocating to Assisted Living, Memory Care or Board and Care settings that provide direct care.
  • Provide education for seniors and their families and caregivers about services available, self-care tips, medical options, community resources, as well as public and private services.
  • Provide referrals to support groups, organizations, or other professionals as needed.

Specialized in Dementia and Elderly Care – FREE SENIOR PLACEMENT